Machine Vision with smart Cognex cameras

What is Machine Vision?

Machine Vision, also called robot vision, stands for vision systems that use smart cameras to simplify the production process. The best-known applications are search, control and measurement. But much more is possible.

Machine Vision with Cognex DataMan: scanning codes

We use Cognex cameras at Promation for code scanning. These cameras scan barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, ... There are different types of cameras. For example, you have the DataMan from Cognex.

The entry-level model reads codes on a white background. You place these cameras right in front of the code.

The more advanced model has a powerful algorithm and can even read bar codes at an angle!

Machine Vision with Cognex In-Sight vision systems

For vision systems, we use the In-Sight models from Cognex. Again, there are different cameras for different applications.

With Cognex In-Sight 2000 we can search simple patterns, take measurements, check pixels. We program the software in EasyBuilder.

Cognex In-Sight 7800 is for more complex applications. This camera can make calculations, make connections between inspections, search accurately. We program the software in Spreadsheet.

Machine Vision: customized Cognex vision system

To put together your vision system, there are three steps. Some cameras are listed above, but this is only step one. We choose the camera based on your production requirements.

Next, we need to put together the proper lighting. Most cameras have their own lighting, but sometimes it is better to provide external lighting.

And with a camera, of course, comes a lens. A camera must be able to see the right image in order to inspect. The so-called field of view, or viewing angle, helps determine the camera's lens.

How does Machine Vision work?

  • Cameras first take black-and-white images of the products on the conveyor belt. That's why it's so important to have a machine vision system customized: lighting, lens, camera, resolution, processing speed....
  • In the pre-programmed software are codes, colors, products. The camera compares those with the image it just took.
  • Depending on the programming, the robot will perform an action. Finding something, picking something up, taking product off the conveyor belt....

Machine Vision in your production process

Any efficient automation starts with an appropriate vision system. That's why we think with you to see how we can make your process faster and more efficient.

We look at the possibilities with you. Then we design and create a custom cobot. You can send us samples so we can fully test our machine vision.

Other expertise within vision systems

Control printed data

The camera detects presence and correctness of printed, mandatory data.

Control of packaging

Check for codes, data, damages, errors, numbers, discrepancies and more.

Locating products

A camera looks for products on the conveyor belt. Then the robot can reposition them, move them, ...

ID Reading/barcode scanning

Cognex scanners that can read and interpret barcode data.

Creating the future together.

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