Electrical control cabinets for old and new machines

What is a control box?

A control box of a machine is like the heart of a human being. The core that makes sure everything runs smoothly. A control box ensures, for example, that conveyor belts maintain an efficient pace and that the camera recognizes the right shapes. Promation builds control cabinets for both old and new machines.

New custom steering boxes

We build all control cabinets completely in-house. So we also control the whole process and the result from start to finish.

  • We draw your steering box completely to size. We also make a 3D drawing so that we can check everything. Possible errors are thus immediately noticed.
  • When you approve the drawing, we prepare your steering box in our workshop. This way we minimize downtime when we install the new control box.
  • After an extensive testing process, we come and install the control box in your production process.
  • You enjoy more efficient production.

Upgrading old machines with a new control box

Upgrading old machines is also called retrofitting. If you white modernize your old machine, we adapt the old control or put together a new control box.

However, a retrofit can go much wider than just the control box. The entire machine can get a makeover. This is cheaper and more efficient than buying a new machine. So your machines can last for years to come, without sacrificing quality.

Custom and compliant steering boxes

Safety is important. That's why we have our own procedure that we follow with every control box for automation systems. Each control box must meet all mandatory standards.

For example, we provide all of our control cabinets with wire and component numbers. We also test these thoroughly before we come and install them at your place.

Other expertise within automatisation

Customized machines

Control panels and machines tailored to your production process.

Creating the future together.

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