CoCreate program: help build your own robotic solutions

You want to improve your production process, but you want to minimize all risks in advance, save on your budget and maximize returns at the same time? This is why we have designed the CoCreate program.

Together (co-create) we build innovative automation and robotics solutions for your company.

Highest possible efficiency

Together, we build a solution focused on achieving the highest result.

Least possible risks

All the simulations and tests allow us to minimize the risks.

Reduced error rate

Reduced error rateBy identifying risks in advance, they are avoided in production.

Cost savings

By making everything clear first, we can establish a correct price for both without additional risks.

Competitive Advantage

The latest technologies ensure that you stay ahead in terms of performance, speed and quality.

Customized solution

Our robotics knowledge and your knowledge of your products. Together, we build the best solution for your business.

Data and insight generation

Extensive testing allows us to gather valuable data that leads to better decision making.

Technical expertise

With us, you can count on a team of draftsmen, programmers and safety engineers.

Shared insights

You get insights into our solution throughout the process and can make adjustments as needed.

CoCreate phase 1

Concept engineering

Tailoring a gripper, layout or something else mechanically? These are very important parts of your automation. These are often rough estimates for us because the designs are unknown before a price is proposed. Thanks to the CoCreate program, we can design a custom solution together at a low fee that covers our costs.

Design and simulation

We create a 3D simulation based on a floor plan of the production environment. This allows us to demonstrate how the installation fits into the existing environment. This gives a clear picture and prevents possible spatial problems.

Calculations and testing on own products

With all the information, we can calculate the desired production rate in detail. This allows us to compare the possible solutions: cobot, robot, machine, sidebot.

If we have a similar gripper, layout or mechanical installation, we test it on our own products to see what the results are. This gives us a clear view of any additional areas of concern. After all, building a robot requires a lot of testing.

CoCreate phase 2

Intensive testing

After successfully completing the concept phase, we move on to actually building and testing the desired solution. We test the robot on your products to ensure performance and functionality in a realistic environment. This way you are 100% sure of the perfect robot solution.

Option: quick scan

In this CoCreate program, we can go one step further. We scan certain machines or production environments to see how we can automate them even further. We look for opportunities for robots/cobots and smart cameras. There are no obligations or follow-up orders associated with this.

Start with the CoCreate program and save

Knowing in advance what will not yield as much as what will give the best return. The Cocreate program leads to considered decision. We can offer a final solution with small risk margins, which benefits your budget.