Optimize your production process with industrial automation

Custom industrial automation

Your manufacturing process is unique, so is your automation process. At Promation, we tailor industrial automation to your needs and wants.

The best known systems are PLC, PCS and DCS. We work primarily with PLCs from market leader Siemens. We find that to be the best option in terms of flexibility and efficiency in automation.

We also make new control cabinets with the S7 control from Siemens. We can modify or replace your machine if it is still working with the older S5 control.

The benefits of industrial automation for your business

Machines can alleviate certain human tasks. This brings several benefits.

  • Your production process is more efficient, faster and safer.
  • The quality of your production improves.
  • A robot does not get tired, so your capacity increases significantly.

Industrial automation does not replace people; quite the contrary. Your employees can work more safely and perform more enjoyable tasks.

Our areas of expertise within industrial automation

Cabinet Building

We develop complete Control cabinets for both new and older machines.

Customized machines

Control panels and machines tailored to your production process.

Choose an expert in industrial automation and robotics

Creating the future together. Together with you, we look at your production process and how we can improve it. Promation is active in various sectors. We use our knowledge and experience to find the best solution for your production process.

An important aspect in automation is safety. That is why we always respect the most up-to-date safety standards of industrial automation and robotics and follow continuous training.

Configure your own cobot and discover the ROI immediately

Do you want to integrate a cobot into your production process, but are wondering:

  • Which type of cobot suits your company?
  • How much your cobot costs?
  • When will your cobot pay for itself?

Answer a few short questions and get an immediate indication of your robot and payback time!

Industrial automation in your production process

Do you want to make your production process safer, more efficient and larger? Or do you have other questions about industrial automation, cobots, control cabinets...? Our experts will gladly help you with honest advice.