Cofeeder: a feeding robot of utilitarian materials

What is a feeder robot?

A feeding robot is a feeding machine that provides a continuous flow of consumables that other machines or cobots need in order to proceed. For example, think of jars needed by a filling robot. So it is an indispensable link in your production line.

We have developed our own feeding robot: Cofeeder. We can completely customize this feeding robot to your production process and needs.

What are the advantages of a feeder robot?

If you ask us, a feeding robot is a huge added value in your production line.

  • A feeding robot allows another machine or cobot to do its job. This keeps your production process busy.
  •  The cobot proceeds extremely intelligently and efficiently.
  • Cofeeder is safe to use between and with people.
  • You can seamlessly connect supply robots with other robots such as the Costacker or the Cofiller.

Supply robots tailored to your production

Do you have a problem in your production line?

  • Too much waste of time.
  • Excessive margin of error.
  • Too many employee ergonomic complaints.

All issues that a feeding robot can solve. Together we look at what your feeding robot should do, at what speed, ... We adapt our Cofeeder to your needs or make a feeding robot completely customized.

Maintenance and service

Even after the installation of your feeding robot (or Cofeeder), we continue to support you with maintenance and service. We keep downtime to a minimum by identifying problems in time.

Here's how to integrate a feeding robot into your production line

A feeding robot is often a step in the automated production process. Cofeeder works seamlessly with other cobots.

  • Cofeeder delivers the right material via conveyors: packaging, goods,...
  • Cofiller packs the goods in boxes or bins.
  • Costacker receives the boxes or bins from Cofeeder and places them neatly on pallets.

This results in a smooth, safe and efficient production line.

Get a demo of your robotic system in VR

For robot installations, we can completely design and draw out the layout of the robot cell. This allows you to walk around your own robot cell in VR and see your robot already working. We can also incorporate conveyors and mechanical structures into this.

Other expertise within robotics

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Customized robotics to increase the efficiency of your production process.

Opportunities with Cobots

Collaborative robots that work together with humans. Higher efficiency, but still very safe.

Costacker stacking robot

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Cofiller filling robot

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Collaborative delta robot Wyzo

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