Vision systems: smart cameras for efficient production

What are vision systems?

You want to keep your error rate as low as possible within your production process. That's what we use smart cameras for. Vision systems allow you to quickly locate, check and measure certain items in your production line.

Expertise and examples of vision systems

Control printed data

The camera detects presence and correctness of printed, mandatory data.

Control of packaging

Check for codes, data, damages, errors, numbers, discrepancies and more.

Locating products

A camera looks for products on the conveyor belt. Then the robot can reposition them, move them, ...

Machine Vision

The umbrella term for vision systems. Locating, monitoring, measuring ...

ID Reading/barcode scanning

Cognex scanners that can read and interpret barcode data.

Cognex vision systems

We use Cognex's cameras for targeted scanning. You can't use any camera for any job. Depending on your production process, we put together the perfect vision system:

  • The right mix between camera, lens and lighting.
  • We know different software for different applications.
  • We test everything to perfection and set up your vision system at our studio. This allows us to minimize downtime.

Customized vision systems

Each vision system is customized to make your production process faster and more efficient. First, we manufacture it in our workshop. Once it is fully tested and you have approved it, we come and install it. We do this to avoid downtime on your production line.

Vision systems in your production process

Do you want to make your production process safer, more efficient and larger? Or do you have other questions about vision systems? Our experts are happy to help you with honest advice.