Automatic localization of products with cameras

Why do you need to localize products?

All machines at Promation are custom-made and have diverse functionalities.

  • The one cobot can check if certain screws are present. Or even tighten them.
  • The other cobot looks for products on a conveyor belt so it can package them.
  • Yet another can pick up and move a cookie, bottle or bowl.

For all of those tasks, the robot must first be able to locate the products. Otherwise, the robot cannot do what you expect it to do. We do that using cameras, software and the control box for your robot.

What machines locate products?

The cobots we make almost all have smart cameras. Think of the Costacker, Cofiller and Cofeeder. The camera is strong in detecting products on conveyor belts, in boxes, on pallets, ... Without their vision system they cannot perform their function.

Localization of products for control

Production processes are often equipped with a system for checking printed data and packaging. When checking printed data, we focus the camera on products passing by on the conveyor belt. When checking packaging, the camera will take an image of the packaging. Then it compares that image with the image imprinted in its software.

Other expertise within vision systems

Control printed data

The camera detects presence and correctness of printed, mandatory data.

Control of packaging

Check for codes, data, damages, errors, numbers, discrepancies and more.

Machine Vision

The umbrella term for vision systems. Locating, monitoring, measuring ...

ID Reading/barcode scanning

Cognex scanners that can read and interpret barcode data.

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