Bitten by technology? Then you automatically end up at Promation.

  • Do you enjoy bringing machines and robots to life?
  • Do you enjoy learning about engineering?
  • Do you get satisfaction from seeing your end result on store shelves?

Then you should definitely come and hear us at Promation! We bring metal to life. And we are looking for people to come and help us do that.

This is Promation

A close-knit team

We are a close-knit team with a family mindset and one goal: to make and keep the customer happy.

Smooth and efficient

We give projects to one team member, but work together smoothly and efficiently. This is how we bring projects to completion.

Flat structure

Everyone contributes equally to the projects. Everyone is equally important with us. We strive for a flat structure.

Varied job

Whatever job you apply for, your position is multidisciplinary and varied anyway.

Work in teams

Each team is assigned its own project and works it all out: build cabinet, program, install...

Everyone's specialization

Each colleague has his own specific knowledge and talents. In this way, we complement each other nicely.

You get flexibility

You get to choose when your day starts and stops. Even your vacation is up to you. You manage your own work-life balance.

You give flexibility

Is it busier? Then you are ready to finish everything in a timely manner. You make sure that every cobot is completely in order. You think that obvious

Your opinion counts

Every week Stijn has dinner with a colleague. How's it going, what ideas do you still have, what can we do better? Fun and productive!