Smart camera for checking printed data

How does a smart camera check printed data?

Checking printed data is a repetitive and tedious task. To avoid misses, it is best to leave this to a smart vision system. Checking can be done in three ways.

The first way is the simplest: checking for the presence of the printed data. It does not look at the content, only whether it is there.

The second way is to check printed data. This involves checking that what is written is effectively correct. Here it is important that the background color remains the same.

The third way is the same, but checking printed data on a transparent background. In that case, we talk about a smart camera. And at ID Reading, we talk about scanners.

Smart camera: deep learning for control of printed data

That third way of checking - checking printed data on a transparent background - is a smart, deep learning camera. It works the same way our brain does. The color on the background may change, but the camera will continue to read the data.

Using artificial intelligence, the camera can learn different data and object classes. Think boxes, bottles or other packaging. But also codes and words.

The camera has in its software all the shapes, characters, codes... listed. When the camera captures new data, it compares it with those in its software. This allows it to do its own checking without human intervention.

Control of printed data in industrial printing

You don't want a margin of error in your production process. Erroneous or missing data can be important. So in industrial printing, control is even more important. Also discover our ID Reading.

If something is wrong, the camera will remove the affected item from the production line. An employee can then in turn fix the problem by applying or correcting the printed data.

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