Wyzo: a collaborative delta robot

What is a collaborative delta sidebot?

Robots come in many varieties. Cobots are compact robots that cooperate with humans and are easily movable. However, they can handle limited weights. Industrial robots are large, strong robots that work autonomously. You have to put fencing around them.

There is another intermediate solution. The collaborative delta robot. A strong, faster cobot like Wyzo. Upon contact with humans, a sidebot will stop immediately.

Thanks to integrated safety sensors, Wyzo adjusts its speed by itself. If it sees that it is safe, it can even work at full speed in the presence of people.

What are the benefits of Wyzo?

  • It is the perfect solution for applications where cobots do not have sufficient output. Wyzo is more powerful.
  • It is an excellent step toward automation for a growing company.
  • Companies of any size can use Wyzo to automate a process that is still manual.
  • You can easily move Wyzo from one workstation to another.
  • Wyzo learns new tasks very quickly.
  • The intuitive interface makes learning new tasks very easy for any user.
  • A sidebot operates at production speeds of 2,000 to 5,000 cycles per hour.

How does Wyzo work?

Wyzo works side by side with people, but it does so in a safe manner. A control system ensures that Wyzo operates safely under all conditions. The sidebot automatically stops upon contact and comes up to full speed itself when it is safe to do so.

This sidebot locates products with a smart camera and grabs them. For this, it has a universal tool holder on which you can mount different grippers for different applications.

Is a sidebot for you?

Sidebots are usually used in medium-sized production batches with different production sizes. You can combine different sidebots for greater capacity or for multifunctionality. Feel free to contact our experts, they will be happy to provide you with honest advice about sidebots.

Get a demo of your robotic system in VR

For robot installations, we can completely design and draw out the layout of the robot cell. This allows you to walk around your own robot cell in VR and see your robot already working. We can also incorporate conveyors and mechanical structures into this.

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