Industrial robots to optimize your production

Custom industrial robots

When you talk about robots, people often think of arms that package goods. But it goes much further than that. Think also, for example, of a camera that checks labels. Or collaborative robots, cobots called cobots. They can help with packing, feeding, checking, scanning, ...

Every manufacturing process is unique, so is every industrial robot. We are happy to sit down with you to discuss your production process, your needs and your requirements.

The benefits of industrial robots for your production

  • A robot makes your production process run more efficiently and faster.
  • You can use them anywhere in your production process.
  • You can take over ergonomically bad movements from people.
  • A robot can provide every possible advantage because they are so extremely versatile.

Industrial robots do not replace people; quite the contrary. Your employees can work safer and perform more enjoyable tasks.

Expertise and examples of industrial robotics

Customized robotic installation

Customized robotics to increase the efficiency of your production process.

Opportunities with Cobots

Collaborative robots that work together with humans. Higher efficiency, but still very safe.

Costacker stacking robot

A cobot that can fill packages with goods. Bags of cookies, bottles of drinks... anything goes!

Cofeeder feeding robot

A feeder that allows another cobot to keep working.

Cofiller filling robot

A cobot that can fill packages with goods. Bags of cookies, bottles of drinks... anything goes!

Collaborative delta robot Wyzo

The world's first collaborative delta robot. Faster and more powerful than an "ordinary" cobot.

Customization in industrial robotics

Implementing a robot is customization. So in your unique production, you also get a unique robot. Whether it's a robot arm or a conveyor belt, each robot fits seamlessly into your business.

The control box and software are also customized. Everything must be intuitive, safe and efficient. Non-technical people must be able to work with it easily and smoothly. We also always provide a clear explanation of possible error messages. So you know immediately where you stand.

Configure your own cobot and discover the ROI immediately

Do you want to integrate a cobot into your production process, but are wondering:

  • Which type of cobot suits your company?
  • How much your cobot costs?
  • When will your cobot pay for itself?

Answer a few short questions and get an immediate indication of your robot and payback time!

Industrial robots for large and small companies

Robots fit into every business. Industrial robots are not just for large companies with huge production lines.

We make industrial robots for any company striving for more efficient production. We help you in that quest. You don't even need technical knowledge. Just tell us your needs and requirements, and we'll take care of the robotics.

Industrial robotics in your production process

Do you want to make your production process safer, more efficient and bigger? Or do you have other questions about robotics, cobots or other machines...? Our experts are happy to help you with honest advice.