The plus of accurate machine numbering

We still encounter it all too often, machines without numbering of wires and components. Difficult to solve puzzle then in case of breakdowns or maintenance. By the way, did you know that this is also required by law? And so we like to hammer home the added value of accurate numbering. It's a plus for us, and certainly for you. Downtime costs money, so it's better to avoid that.

Proper machine numbering: some tips

Good, detailed machine numbering includes numbering all wires as well as components in the control cabinets. What exactly the "all" means is explained below.

All the wires in the control cabinets:

  • those are both power and control wires
  • you number them at the point where they leave and where they arrive

All components in the control cabinets:

  • machines
  • motor protection switches
  • contactors
  • frequency inverters
  • terminal strips
  • PLCs
  • control screens
  • coolers, such as fans
  • relay

In short, anything electrical that is attached to, in or against a control box. All wires, cables or components drawn in the schematic must be numbered.

Smart numbering: efficiency guaranteed

It seems like an afterthought and yet it can save you a lot of time and headaches. Not just in legal inspection, but also in a technical failure. Just imagine a circuit breaker failing in an unnumbered control box. Oh help, the search can begin. Very time-consuming job to follow the cables connected to it.

With proper numbering, the technician could have responded quickly and efficiently. Through the diagram, he would have known immediately where the problem was. For example, a pump in a tank. If that is also numbered, the culprit is easily found and the malfunction quickly fixed. Your employees can get back to work in no time. Without numbering, you would have lost hours searching for the cause and the right pump. Unnecessary hours that cost you lots of money. Your production stops and you still have to pay your employees.

You read it, accurate numbering is not a bonus, but a must. So hammer it home and check that all wires, cables and components are effectively numbered correctly. Not only because it is required by law, but also because it adds value to your business.